Review: Apple iPhone 6 Plus With FaceTime

This is Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Like other phablets, it’s huge, but it’s still far thinner than apple-iphone-6-plusmost. Like all the best smartphones, it’s fast, and the 6 Plus has solidified its place with the top performers in our benchmark rankings. Yet what sets the iPhone 6 Plus apart isn’t its size, or its power, or its battery life, or even features like Touch ID and Apple Pay.

Rather, iPhones enjoy enormous popularity because they offer the widest selection of top-tier apps. They take the most consistently beautiful photos of just about any smartphone, and Apple’s integrated ecosystem sets the performance bar high. True, the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t a perfect phone. Its tendency to warp very slightly in pants pockets may not affect usability, but it’s still an irritant. Given the option, though, we’d recommend the iPhone every time. It’s powerful, fun, and one of the finest smartphones in the world.

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