30 Minute Jet Ski Rental for Two

Jet Ski Rental

Charter Luxury Yacht offer the hire of yachts of various sizes and layouts, complete with air-conditioned cabins, surround sound music systems, food and drink options and more. Charter can be arranged for day or night, with options available for special occasions or just getting a group of family and friends together. The company is also able to arrange jet ski rental, with yachts available in locations ranging from Cannes to Miami, Indonesia and beyond.


How to Drive a jet ski

jet skiDriving a jet ski is not the same as driving a car. There are many factors to consider when driving a jet ski that do not apply to operating a vehicle. It is easy to learn to drive a jet ski, but it takes some getting used to, as the jet ski will handle and respond not only to how you drive it, but to the water as well. While you cannot control conditions such as wind, current, or choppiness of the body of water, you are much better off navigating these elements if you know how to drive the Jet Ski.

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